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Film Producer & Studio

Deep is a global, creative company, focused on the supreme excellence in the execution of a good idea. We’re more than producers, we are creative partners, we want to make it happen together.

What customers say about us

Deep should be called “Midas”. Whatever they touch becomes gold. Sometimes silver or brass. Beyond being really close partners who make things happen, they are a producer with highly skilled professionals that have already been on the other side of the table. That’s why they know what they do and always have a solution that will manage to deliver jobs of rare quality. I recommend them with my eyes closed! And opened too.

Eduardo Basque,
Senior Art Director | McCann Health

Working with Brief is to always be granted an excellent result. They only recruit the best to work with them, which turns the deliveries into one of their differentials. The brainstorm meetings always bring excellent ideas and great laughs, as they have an excellent mood and terrific background.

Alessandra Gomes
Creative Director | McCann Health SP

Creating audiovisual content with Deep is to be sure to receive the best quality materials at the end of the project. The team is extremely concerned and doesn’t measure efforts to accomplish what we imagine, even when the deadline is tight. The visual quality is clearly superior to what you will find in the market and to what I hired in the past. Getting out of the comfort zone and materializing, in the best way, abstract ideas is their specialty. I highly recommend it and I come back to them whenever I can.

Carol Cardoso,
Marketing Coordinator | Bayer

As an agency producer for more than 25 years I’m truly inspired by the work that Deep is creating for the industry. The process was collaborative and efficient and the work was beautiful. Timing and budget did not impact the quality of the work. The final product surpassed the high bar we had set. Deep delivered on every level. Their craft speaks for itself, smart and compelling.

Jennifer Dee,
SVP Director of Creative Services | McCAnn Health New Jersey

Working with Deep was really cool. From the beginning of the planning, going through the creation of the ideas, moving forward with the execution done by a super compromised team and in the end, the official deploy with the expected result and aligned with the initial expectations. Professional and qualified team and great partners, it was a pleasure working with them.

Raquel Portela,
Global Marketing Manager | GSK