Lenovo F1 – 3D Panel

Lenovo | Formula 1

The aim of this film is to publicize that Lenovo is responsible for the technology behind broadcasting F1 races. And what better way to do this than using audiovisual technology.

In addition to using 3D animation techniques for this OOH project, we employed a technique known as 'anamorphic imaging,' where the image is distorted to create an illusion of a 3D effect. This effect is visible from a specific viewpoint. This animation was displayed on a 3D panel located in the arrival sector of the Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo, during the Formula 1 period in Brazil.

Anamorphic Video


Client: Lenovo e F1
Agêncy: CP+B

Direction: Thiago e Ycaro
Producer: Themis Silva
Account Manager: Camila Jardim
Post-Production Coordinator: André Teixeira
Post-Production: Equipe Deep