Lenovo and F1

Lenovo | Formula 1

We went full throttle on this project for Lenovo, in partnership with CP+B. We created a unique 3D animation for an immersive F1 racing experience, specifically designed for an OOH with 7 sequential screens. The animation starts on the first screen and transitions to the others, creating a multi-screen sequential experience.

We meticulously planned every scene, every detail, from the car modeling to the track creation, from camera animation to scene lighting, from look development to special effects, to create an animation worthy of an F1 race. This included aerial shots, a close-up of the car accelerating, and a dramatic collision with the camera, all to capture the emotion of F1.

Animation viewed on a single screen.

Photos OOH


Client: Lenovo and F1
Agency: CP+B

Direction: Thiago e Ycaro
Producer: Themis Silva
Account Manager: Camila Jardim
Post-Production Coordinator: André Teixeira
Post: Equipe Deep

Sound Designer: Tiago Abrahão